About Us

Where we began:

I was fortunate enough to meet the love of my life who has an incredible sister. His sister recently had our first niece. I wanted to give his sister a symbolic blessing to watch over her baby girl. The same blessings given to new mothers in Israel. I searched for weeks and finally begged my cousin to bring me some pins from Israel during her first trip to the US. Since I had spent so much time in Israel with her over the past couple of years, she knew my taste and brought me 6 pins each one prettier than the last. I wondered why something that is so easily found and given in Israel is so hard to find in the US. This is when the idea for this business began.

I then approached my best friend Dori. It started over a pitcher of strawberry margaritas with a group of women who got together to eat and see Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses back in 2008. Dori has one of those magnetic personalities as well as a happy disposition. You can count on Dori for something positive and a joke, when everything seems to be coming apart. She is just one of those people that once you befriend, you wonder what took her so long to enter your life. Often times you are reminded how much better things are because of her. Despite all of this, there is her creativity and constant drive for bettering herself that is admirable. These are the reasons why I asked Dori for her input on this business.

As expected, Dori has brought all of this and more. She has organized and taught me a lot about color combinations and shades that I never paid attention to (much to my mother’s disappointment).

So I want to thank you for visiting our site and maybe even purchasing a pin, key chain (or two).

Lilac and Dori (of course)